In-Store music and custom storecasting

The Please Hold Group is able to offer the most cost effective in-store music and custom store casting programs in the marketplace. Store casting allows you to broadcast integrated customized audio ads or messages with your choice of background music to customers within your establishment. PHG will manage the entire process for you. Our turnkey solutions are easy to install and we maintain the scheduling and changing of your messages to your desired requirements. In addition to traditional satellite systems we have our standard Thumbdrive non-network players and we have developed DSL broadband audio streaming capability, which allows you to maximize your investment in broadband technology via our broadband player.

All solutions give you a selection of over 55 popular channels from various music providers such as Music Choice and offer you savings of up to 50% of other suppliers. PHG is able to offer complete store casting solutions for multi-location retailers, restaurants or financial institutions. Customized programs are our specialty. So, if you are tired of being held hostage by your music provider, let us prepare a proposal to offer a better product with significant savings.

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