Web Audio

Adding audio to your website is easy

Most companies realize the benefits of having a web site. Whether you have a basic informational web site, or you are transacting business over the web, most companies are missing a great opportunity to make their web site more effective by adding web audio. Studies show that user retention is enhanced up to 100% when visual images are combined with audio input.

This can open up tremendous possibilities for your company. How many times have you looked at a form or application on the web and not understood the relevance of a question or a required field? Written text is too lengthy, but a short audio message guiding the user through the form will help make your site much more user friendly. Let us show you how easy it is to add audio to your web site.

Our Companies web audio plans are extremely flexible and can be running in some cases in a couple of hours. Our basic plan starts with 60 seconds of audio and fully licensed music to make your homepage very distinctive.

If you use our message on hold service we can use the same voice talent and music to complement your company’s audio image. We can also help you design an audio program for your entire site enabling you to clearly articulate the essence of each web page. By condensing your written message to a few key points you will entice the visitor to stay longer at your site. If you utilize forms and applications in your website, our audio makes these applications much more effective.

We can work with your IT staff, webmaster or web developer to enhance your site in a matter of minutes. Please call to talk to one of our creative services people today. Remember your first impression is critical whether it is on the telephone, in person, or on your website. Take advantage of our ability to make your audio image work for you.

Experience has shown that the extension of your professional audio image to your website is a must to increase user viewing time and increase retention of sales and marketing messages. With our web audio you can lead the way and benefit from:

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